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Cheats for Astro-Knights Island Counterfeit Island Reality TV Island Mythology Island

Sorry Guys, but i gotta put 4 cheats on one page! Sooo sorry!!
  • You will first arrive at a House of Mordred.
  • Upon arrival, proceed towards the fountain and you will see something shiny there.
  • Get the shiny thing and store it in your back pack and go back to where you came from.
  • On the way, a guy will give you a library slip: this is where you will find clue to your mission.
  • Next, go outside and run all the way to the end of the area until you arrive at the Castle of Arturus.
  • Enter inside and walk right in until you find the castle library.
  • Get the two books that are needed; Mystical Weapons of Arturus and The Life of Mordred – A Cautionary Tale
  • Click on a shelf that is labeled “McM”; it will open a secret passage, enter it.
  • Just go underground and soon you will arrive at an underground room.
  • On the room, click a wooden handle and it will open a small grate near the ground.
  • You will then see a robot, click it and it will say something binary – it is translated “bard”.
  • Go back upstairs and return to the main part of the castle.
  • Search for a robot mouse on the ground with an unhappy girl.
  • Go to your backpack and use moldy cheese to capture the robot mouse.
  • Jump on the chest next to the bed and get the letter beside it.
  • A secret message tells, “We must change our password! I feel my parents will find out what we are doing and put an end to it!”
  • Now leave the room and enter the door at the very top where you will find the King and Queen.
  • The Queen is going to give you a coordinate: X-73 Y-83, X-15 Y-15, and X-83 Y-20.
  • After that, go back outside the castle and run to your right until you reach a new area named Ye Olde Rumour Mille.
  • Upon arrival, talk to the hooded guy and he will give you a bag of manure.
  • Go inside the house and go atop the house then jump right into a small middle platform.
  • You will find a rope there, jump onto the rope and slide down.
  • You will then see a dark haired girl and she will ask you something, obliged to it.
  • Go outside and go to the right of the mill then jump to it to get to the hanging rope.
  • Walk over to your left and stand underneath the Ye Olde Ruour Mille sign.
  • Jump over it and make the windmill spin to open the roof, then enter thru it.
  • Use the bag of manure in your backpack to power the broken hover craft.
  • Go back to the ceiling and leave the windmill.
  • Head back to the castle and stand on the large oak door.
  • Go to your backpack and use a coild of rope and use it to target the nearby tower.
  • Walk across the rope and enter the door in tower.
  • Get the paper on the tower and move on.
  • Go back to the fountain and select the symbols on this order: Crescent Moon, Planet with Rings, 5-pointed star.
  • Click the sun in the middle and a secret door will open, enter.
  • A guy will give you small key. After that, head out.
  • Mordred Secret Society
    A secret society of Mordred followers underground.
  • Go to the mordred’s Museum and go inside.
  • You will find a piece of paper on the floor, get it.
  • Leave the museum and go back to the guy who gave you manure.
  • Look out for a trap door in the ground and open it using the small key.
  • Slide down a piece of rope and head towards the mechanical owl.
  • Use the robot mouse as a trap to deceive the owl.
  • Walk to your left and you will then find a robot, he will self destruct and leave an item behind, make your own get the item.
  • Exit the secret hideout and go to the moon with coordinates 56, 52 using the space ship.
  • Your spaceship will crash land and then you need to ask a guy to help you get of off it.
  • He will help you and you will need to design your own Holopad machine. Click done and you are finish.
  • Using the Holopad, go to the jungle Planet with coordinates 15, 15.
  • Proceed to the area where you will find a guy with green armor.
  • He will ask you to do something for him, accept.
  • You will be given a lot of obstacles which are really hard, finish them and teleport back home.
  • After that, go to the fire planet located at coordinates 83, 20.
  • Along the way, you need to watch out for a black hole.
  • As soon as you arrive, you will be given a bunch of challenges and obstacles.
  • Find the dragon inside the volcano and shoot him using your ice arrow.
  • Beat the dragon down until he is gone then move on to the next stage.
  • Head to the southeast of coordinates 73, 83.
  • Shoot all of the space sharks and lure them into a trap. Lead them into a black hole with coordinates 84, 47.
  • You can then land the ship on Ice Planet. Move to the other side of the platform while avoiding all the obstacles.
  • The second part includes climbing into the mountain while avoiding all the giant snow balls.
  • When completed, a guy named Sir Gawain will give you a special shield.
  • Use the special force shield to destroy a tiger helicopter that will soon show up.
  • After that, go back to your ship and teleport. Now you can go to Crystal Gate.
  • Crystal gate is located at coordinates 11, 82. You go there once you find all 3 knights.
  • Click on the sword stuck on stone and you will open a small vortex, enter there.
  • After that, you will arrive at the castle of Binary Bard. Jump down to the bottom and speak with the princess.
  • The princess will get your 3 items and she will reveal that she deceived you.
  • Click on the wall next to you and it will become a puzzle. The goal is to turn the pieces all over.
  • Upon finishing, you will then be lead into your final battle.
  • This is the final battle, it is consists of 2 parts.
  • Your health meter does not reset during in betweens of the game so you need to be careful.
  • The 2 tasks simply involve avoiding obstacles and such. The goal is to pick up block bombs and drop it on Merlin.
  • Jump to the chandelier and make it fall on top of Merlin. It won’t kill him but the princess will finish him off.
  • Now, everything’s over. You will then receive the Astro-Knights medal.

First Steps on the Island

Obviously, first things first. Use the map to travel by balloon to Counterfeit Island. You will begin right nearby the museum on Counterfeit Island. But its not necessary to go indoors at this time. When you land, just head to the right side and visit Downtown. When you arrive, the first store you’ll see is called Bobo’s Clown Store. Go inside. You’ll see plenty of balloons, all in different colors, around the store. Grab a green balloon and then go back outside.
Now we’re off to the country side. Continue to the right and run to the end of the zone to go there. A few steps into this spot you’ll see a young lady and a weeping boy. Click on the sobbing kid and you’ll give him your green balloon. When he tales it fom you, he’ll lift up into the sky. Poor little dude! You don’t need to try to save him, though. Head back to the left to go Downtown and then run all the way to the left of that zone and go into Main Street. When you get to Main Street, look for the Web Browser Internet Cafe and go inside. Once you’re inside, walk to the right and talk to the bearded guy wearing the hat and camera. The poor guy lost his tunnel tour tickets. He would like you to help him find them and if you do, he’ll give one to you. A neat little thing in this mission is that while you’re talking with him, you can see balloon boy flying in the sky on the television behind you. Now walk outside and run to the right to go Downtown.
Look for a garbage can that is right next to the entrance of the Tunnel Tour. Click on the garbage can and a screen will appear showing all garbage inside. Click on each piece and drag it away from the center. After you move a few pieces of garbage away, you’ll find the tickets! Pick up the tickets.
OK, now run back to Main Street and enter the Web Browser Internet Cafe again. Head inside the cafe and go to the tourist who lost the tickets. Find the tickets in your backpack and click on Use to give them to him. The tourist will be so pleased that you found the tickets that he will give you one as a thank you for returning them.
Return to the Downtown area and walk up to the entrance of the tunnel tour. There’s a woman standing outside wearing a green beret. Stand next to her, then open your backpack and click “Use” on the ticket inside. Ready to begin the tour? Just click on the gate behind you to get going.
Just keep moving along the single pathway in the tunnel tour. You will see a lightbulb on a cable down in the middle of the tunnel at the bottom. Jump up and grab the cable and then climb to the ceiling. Over to the right, you’ll see a torn piece of the picture lying on another cable. This is part of the torn picture that you’ll need to unlock the secret door to the museum later in the quest. Climb all the way to the top of the cable and jump to the right. This is really easy if you’re carrying a balloon from Bobo’s Clown Store. When you pass over the torn picture, you’ll pick it up. Now get back on the tour and keep following the main tunnel until you get to a set of stairs that head up to a door. Follow the stairs to leave the tour.

The Strange Gentleman

Once you finish up the tour, step outside and you’ll spot a strange man wearing sunglasses and an overcoat waiting outside. Listen to his story. He’ll then ask you to go apply for the open security job at the museum. He also wants you to come back here to the Docks and meet him at night. Next, go back up and to the right. You’ll find one more piece of the torn picture. Pick up the piece of the torn picture. Before leaving this area, run across the docks to the left and jump up to the top of the mast on the fishing boat to find your third piece of the torn picture. We’re done here for now. Go to Main Street and then enter the museum.

Inside of the Museum

Talk to the security guard inside the museum and he will tell you to go speak with the assistant curator. You’ll find the assistant curator standing right above on top of the staircase. Walk up the stairs and click on him. He’ll tell you that he needs some help with some paintings. They have been placed in the incorrect spots and he needs you to help put them all in the right places. In each of the different wings, one of the paintings on the wall will come off and you’ll be able to carry it. This guide tells you where to put all the paintings so that they are in the correct places.
The painting in the cubism wing goes into the impressionism wing.
The painting in the impressionism wing goes into the expressionism wing.
The painting in the expressionism wing goes into the realism wing.
The painting in the realism wing goes into the cubism wing.
Once you have finished returning the paintings to their proper places, head back and talk with the assistant curator. He’ll give you the job and will take you to start your training. The first stop is inisde the Forgery Detection Lab. Now speak to him again and he says to pick a station to start the training. Start at the first desk on the left by clicking on it. Use the X-Ray device over each of the paintings until you find the one with the sketch marks underneath the painting. Use the arrows at the top to switch between the paintings and then click on the one you think is the real painting below.
Now comes the next test. In this one, you need to use a magnifying glass to attempt to determine the fake in a group of paintings. Look in the corners of each painting to find the signature and figure out which one is different than the others. The one with the different signature is the forgery. Good job!
The third test is a photograph and you need to click on the area that shows it is a fake. Move up to the left to where the moon is and click on the dark side of the moon to prove that this photo is a fake. The reason you know this is fake is that if it were really a picture of the moon you wouldn’t see any stars here because the moon would block them out.
Now move to the next station, where the museum does chemical analysis of paint samples. In this test, you select a paint sample and then it drops into the beaker. A red bar moves across and when it reaches a square, that square lights up with a color. When that happens, click on the corresponding color beaker while the square is still lit. If you do it correctly and in time, a green check mark will appear over the square. Keep going until all four squares are done correctly. Now repeat the whole process for the remaining two paint samples. Once you complete this test, your coaching is finished and the assistant curator will give you a key to the supply room.
Walk outside the lab and go right. Follow all the signs you see to the statue room and then the security office. Walk left past the statues and follow the sign to the security office and supply closet. Go left to the end and you’ll arrive at the supply closet door. Use the key from your backpack to unlock it and get inside. Once you walk in, you’ll find the sixth and final piece of the torn picture, which will complete to form the image of a gargoyle head.
Next, come out of the closet and head back through the statue room. Walk back into the main area and go outside the museum. You’ll see that night has fallen. Now remember that you need to meet the strange guy. Go left to get to the city docks. The mysterious guy in the hat and sunglasses will still be standing where you left him. Return into the gate to the underground tour area and then take the tunnel all the way until you get to the wood ladder. Climb the ladder and then click on the hatch at the top. The hatch cover will appear on screen and it has a gargoyle face on it. Re-arrange the pieces on the hatch to match the version you see in the torn picture. All of the features have to match the picture exactly. When you’re done, the hatch will open and you can proceed up through it.
When you get through the hatch you will find youself back in the museum supply closet. Use your supply room key to unlock the door from the inside and then go into the hall. Watch out because the shadow of the security guard will walk by the window to the security office. Wait for her to go by and then run past the window all the way to the statue room door. Enter the statue room and then move to the right slowly and carefully while avoiding the moving laser beams you see there. To avoid being spotted by a laser beam, hide behind either the plants or statues. Once you arrive at the far end of the room, exit to go to the main museum hall.
Next walk up and left until you get to the spot where the painting of the Scream is hanging. Click on the top of it and you will jump up onto the light hanging above it. All of the sudden the museum alarms will go off and the police will arrive. You’ve been framed! You’ll be placed in jail and then questioned by the police. The first thing you have to do is undergo a lie detector test. It’s very easy to pass. Then you’ll be asked to join the chief inspector over at the museum security office.
While you are walking back to the museum office, go into the clown shop. Here you will see the security guard from the museum. Click on him to ask him why he left his post and you’ll get his time card. After you get it, head to the museum and go up to the security office. Once you arrive, walk to the right and click on the big computer. Because you have the time card that the security guard gave you, you’ll know where to look when reviewing the footage. You will see the mysterious guy appear and walk up to the painting. Press the print screen button to get a surveillance video screen print. Then go over and talk to the investigator. She will tell you to show the picture to the people in town. Walk out of the museum and head back to the outside of the clown shop.
After you get to the clown store, use the security camera printout and show it to the mime by the door. The mime will pretend to play music, which is a clue that the mysterious guy you’re looking for is hiding in the jazz cafe. Walk a little bit to the right and then go inside the cafe. When you arrive inside the cafe, walk to the right and the mysterious man will be there. Once you arrive, he’ll run out of the cafe. Go out the door he ran through to start the big chase scene.
During the chase scene, you’ll be riding on a scooter trying to catch the mysterious guy. You don’t really need to catch him during this part. What you need to do is to keep away from all the roadblocks and obstacles that you’ll pass during the chase. The chase goes on for a while and then you’ll wind up at the Docks. The mysterious guy will escape in a boat but as he departs he’ll accidentally drop a secret key card that you’ll be able to pick up from the ground.
SECRET: keep an eye out in the beginning of the chase for Balloon Boy. You can see him for a short bit up in the sky near the buildings in the back.
And now it’s time to go back to the museum. When you go inside, the assistant creator is there. He’ll give you a package that was delivered with your name on it. It’s a painting of Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night, and there’s also an x-ray device included. Open your backpack and click on the Examine button on the painting to take a closer look. Pull the device over the painting and it will reveal a hidden message from the curator telling you to come to the Pop Art Museum on Early Poptropica island. This is a fun part where you now have to leave Counterfeit Island and go to Early Poptropica. Walk out of the museum lobby into the street and then get back inside your Poptropica balloon. Choose Early Poptropica on the map.
When you arrive in Early Poptropica, go to the left and enter the Pop Art Museum. Walk a little bit to the left and you’ll find an older woman wearing purple clothes. Talk to her and she will explain a little bit about what is going on and give you a key. Exit the museum, go back to your travel balloon, and head back to Counterfeit Island.
Once your balloon returns you to Counterfeit, jump down and then go right all the way to the Countryside. You’ll see the Inspector’s house here and you can use the key that the Curator gave to you to get inside. Walk upstairs and you’ll find a painting decorating the wall. Click on the painting and you will remove the canvas. Look! It’s the stolen painting of the Scream. But then the lights will go out and you’ll be knocked unconscious.
Once you come to, you discover that you’re deep underground in some sort of secret hideout. You and the mysterious art thief guy in sunglasses and a trenchcoat are tied up together in a chair and the Black Widow is here. She has captured you! The Black Widow will leave the room and then you and the mysterious guy will talk about how you were both set up by her. He’ll tell you to move your chair close to him so that he can untie you. To move your chair, click and drag your mouse to the left. Inch by inch, you’ll get a little closer each time. Once you get next to him, you’ll both escape the chairs and he’ll suggest that you both go after the Black Widow. Head out of the room to the right.
You’ll show up in the next room of the hideout. Run all the way to the left and then jump up on the boxes while avoiding the guards. The hardest guard to sneak past is on one of the platforms right above you. Wait until he reaches the end of the left side and then switches direction and starts going to the right. Don’t waste any time. Immediately jump up and follow him for a few paces until you get to a couch. Leap onto the couch and then use it to bounce up and left. Here you’ll see a special access panel. Use the key card you got at the end of the scooter chase at the Docks. Go through the door to enter Black Widow’s private gallery. Then walk to the left to begin the final confrontation with Black Widow.
The mysterious guy will run and jump onto a platform with a handle. You need to turn the handle to raise the platform up so that he can catch her. But once he gets on the panel, the Black Widow starts to destroy all the art she has stolen by hurling it down at you. Now it gets more complicated. You must try to catch the artwork as she throws it down while always attemping to turn the handle so that the platform will rise and the mysterious guy can get to the top. Of all the final boss battles in Poptropica, this is one of the most challenging. If more than one million dollars of art breaks, you’ll fail and have to start this part over again. Here’s the key trick: after every four pieces of art you catch, the Black Widow gets steaming mad and pauses for a few seconds. This gives you the chance to turn the handle a few turns. However you need to move very quickly because after just a couple of seconds, she tosses a bomb at you. Move away from the bomb before it explodes and then get back to the middle of the room to resume catching falling art. Keep repeating the cycle until you raise the platform all the way to the top.
When you get the platform all the way up, the guy captures her. In the next scene, you’ll be in the Interrnet Cafe along with the Museum Curator. She’ll tell you to meet her at the museum. Go there and then the Curator will show you that the museum has been the secret hiding place for some of the most famous works of art in the world. She’ll then present you with the medal for completing the Counterfeit Island quest. Great job!
 Reality TV island:In Poptropica Reality TV Island, you get to become a reality television star and go on a tv competition where you will compete with many famous Poptropicans for the top prize. This quest happens in two different parts. The first part is like most Poptropica islands where you have to find some important items and solve some puzzles to complete it. Your goal here is to figure out how to complete your application to be on the show. The second part is totally different. You’ll compete in a series of fun events with other Poptropicans to actually win the show. Each event has its own rules and some are easy while others are hard. But the goal is to win and avoid getting voted off the show. If you do, you’ll become the winner of the game and earn the Island medallion. This is a complete guide to all the Poptrpica Cheats for Reality TV Island, including tips and tricks on the different events. Read the guide for everything you need to know on how to beat Reality TV Island on Poptropica.
Bucky in Reality TV Island

Part One – Getting Onto the Show

Before you can compete, you need to solve the first part of the island and put together your application to be on the show. This is a step-by-step guide to how to do it and become a Reality TV Star.
  • Upon arrival in Reality TV Island, run to the right of where you start and go to Mike’s Market.
  • Walk to the right and you’ll see a man shopping there. Talk to him and after he’s done with the conversation he’ll walk away in a rush. He’ll drop a magazine which you can then pick up.
  • Click on the magazine in your backpack and you’ll find an application for the Reality TV show. Click on it to tear it out and put it in your backpack.
  • Leave the market and go to the motel over to the left.
  • Walk into the Motel office and click on the cup with pens in it to put a pen in your backpack.
  • Click on the phone and dial 555-PETE (555-7383) which is the number for the pizza place that is advertised in the magazine you found.
  • When they ask you the room number to deliver the pizza to, tell them it is room 4B.
  • Go back outside the motel and a pizza delivery person is there (that was fast!) The delivery person forgot the room number, but you will offer to deliver it for her. Go up to room 4B and click on the door. It will open and you can go inside.
  • Inside the room you’ll meet the famous reality television star, Bucky Lucas. Talk to him and tell him you could really use the grand prize. He will give you a stamp for you to use to mail in your application.
  • Click on the application in your backpack to fill it out. Make up any reason you like for being on the show.
  • Leave the motel and go to the right until you arrive in front of the TV Store. Go inside and jump up to the top. Click on the large TV and a commercial for the reality tv show comes on. You’ll get the address for the application.
  • Go outside and run to the right until you get to a large blue mailbox. Click on the stamp in your backpack to put it on the application and then click on the mailbox to send the application.
  • The screen tells you that it’s now the Next Day.
  • Go back to the motel and there’s a huge helicopter up on top of it. There’s a game show host here to take you to the show. Click on the helicopter to fly off and try to win!

Part Two – The Show

Congratulations! Now you’re on the show and competing against others to win. All of the other competitors are computer-controlled opponents. You probably recognize many of them as villains and characters from previous Poptropica island quests. Each “day” in the game you’ll compete in an event. The winner of each event gets immunity. Everyone else could get voted off in a special voting ceremony after the event is over. It’s just like the reality TV show Survivor.
Obviously the best strategy is to win each event and get immunity. Here are a few tips for some of the events to make things easier.

Water Run

This event is really hard. Just try to keep up with everyone and watch out for that wild boar!
Once you win the final event, you’ll become the champion of the show and get your island medallion!
  • Mythology: Enter the adventure at Olympus Village Main Street and go into the Museum of Olympus. Once you walk inside the museum, you’ll see a short story about the gods and how they defeated the Titans. And you can see all the statues of the gods in here too. At the statue of Poseidon, take the Starfish from its face.
  • Go right to the Grove of Temples, and enter the Temple of the Muses. Run all the way to the right and get one of the free pipe. Then go click on the statue of the muse who is holding a reed pipe and she will teach you a song.
  • Now walk outside and return to Main Street. Then go further left and you’ll get to a new area which is the base of a tree. Next jump up on the white marble staircase and continue up into the big tree.
Poptropica Satyr in a Tree
Up in a tree with a Satyr
  • To go up the tree you need to climb on the snakes and leap through the branches. You’ll find a satyr in the upper-right corner. Talk to him and he’ll ask you to collect honey for him. Collect 10 of the honey pots in 60 seconds and he will show you the way to the Golden Apple.
  • Zeus angrily appears, but offers you immortality if you retrieve 5 sacred items for him from the realms of creatures and gods. The items you need to find are listed on a scroll that Zeus leaves on the tree. The items you must obtain are the ring from the nose of the Minotaur, a flower from the garden of the Sphinx, a scale from the Hydra, a giant pearl, and one of Cerberus’ whiskers.
  • Leaving the tree, you meet the goddess Athena, Zeus’s daughter, who warns you that Zeus may have secret motives. She arranges for you to use the olive trees as a source of information.
  • Next go left and over the bridge. You’ll arrive in the Garden of the Sphinx. The next part is to get the water in the aqueduct to flow to the dying flower by using the switches and gates up above you. When you’re done, collect the flower, which is your first item. While you’re here, jump up above the Sphinx and get the pomegranates from the tree.
  • Now walk to the left and you’ll see a sign for the minotaur’s cave. Use your reed pipe to play the notes shown on the door. The order is blue, blue, green, yellow, yellow, red, blue, green.
  • Go in and speak to the Minotaur, and enter his Cave Maze. Athena gives you a glowing thread to keep you from getting lost. Head for the weapons displays to keep on track. At the Pan bones, remove the bones so that the remaining ones spell out the letters TEN. Continue along and leap over the scorpion in your way. You’ll arrive at a doorway, go through to get to the snake puzzle To do this puzzle, you need to click on the red-eye snake whenever it appears. He disappears really quick, so this one is tough.
  • When you finish the maze, speak with the Minotaur and he will give you his ring. Then return to Main Street. Keep moving to the right and enter the Grove of Temples. Run past the Temple of the Muses and you’ll soon arrive at the temples of Hades which is down below and Poseidon over to the right. You can play these in either order, but Poseidon first is easier.
  • Go inside Poseidon’s temple and put the starfish you got earlier onto the altar.
  • Go through and cross the beach to meet Aphrodite, Athena’s sister goddess. Pass her test to get a magic mirror that allows speedy travel throughout the realm. The answers to the quiz, in order, are: Ares, Hermes, Aphrodite, Artemis, and Hestia.
  • Swim out in the water to the statue and then dive down underwater. You can use the bubbles in the water for additional air. The way you want to go is across the top, down the right, and then left on the bottom. Soon you’ll get to the entrance to the Hydra’s lair. Before you go into it, get the giant pearl inside the clam that’s above and to the right of the cave entrance.
  • Battle the Hydra: when each head snaps out to you, jump up and land on top of it. After you knock out all of the Hydra’s heads, you can get the scale. Exit using the mirror to reach Aphrodite heart symbol, and walk back right to go to Hades.
  • At the realm of Hades, earn a drachma from the worker by cleaning all the graffiti off the outside of the building.
Outside the temple of Hades
  • Go inside the temple and place the pomegranates on the temple, which is over to the right. A door will open. Jump right into the chasm to reach the River Styx.
  • While riding in the ferry, you need to watch out for all the obstacles that come at you. A great tip to avoid them is to stand where Charon is. You still need to duck under the flaming skull and jump over the monster in the river, but the falling stalactite will miss you each time.
  • You’ll land on the other shore and here is Cerebus guarding the place. Play the song you learned from the Muse on your reed pipe. The notes are blue, green, yellow, blue, red, green. Now that Cerberus has fallen asleep, you can take the whisker from him. There’s a large rock here but ignore it for now because you cannot move it yet. Now you can return to the Gate of Olympus on Main Street with the help of the mirror.
  • Congratulations! You now have all five of the items for your quest. Go back to the Tree Base to the left and Athena will help you reveal the secret message they contain. Now Zeus arrives and he betrays you. He takes all of the items you found for himself and reveals that by midnight, all of Poptropica will fall under his rule. Athena tells you to speak with Hercules for help. He agrees and you go to the Hades throne room using the mirror.
  • Hercules will move the giant boulder and wait outside. Speak with Hades and he will give you his crown, which will help you defeat Zeus.
  • Next, use the magic mirror to go to Poseidon’s kingdom. Underwater, Hercules opens the rock passage to the Throne Room, and Poseidon gives you his trident.
  • The next step is to use the mirror one more time to travel to the gates to Olympus on Main Street. The gates are locked, but that’s no problem for the powerful Hercules.
  • Hercules will travel with you to Olympus but he is stopped by the Medusa who appears and turns him into stone.
  • Using the drachma that you earned from cleaning up the temple to buy a bag of wind from Aeolus at the base of the mountain. Use the bag of wind to get onto the mountain and then climb and jump your way to the very top, where you’ll see Zeus’ throne. Next, light the four statues to summon Zeus and take him on in an epic fight.
  • The Hades crown and Poseidon’s trident allow you to fly about as you and Zeus trade thunderbolt attacks. Each time you hit Zeus, his health meter goes down a little bit. Whenever you get struck by a thunderbolt from Zeus, you lose one of your pink clouds that keep you flying. Don’t lose all of your clouds or Zeus will be triumphant and you will need to battle him again. An important part of the battle with Zeus is to keep gathering more clouds during the fight.
  • Part-way into the battle, Zeus will start to glow and throw spinning white balls of energy. You need to watch out for these too. Also, when he is glowing you cannot hit him, so this is a good time back up and collect clouds.
  • It may take a while, but if you keep at it, you will defeat Zeus. After losing, Zeus gives you back the items from your quest. Athena shows up too and presents you with your island medallion. Congratulations, you have completed Mythology Island!
Once you have beaten Zeus, some things can’t be done anymore, like the Hydra. You can return to the realms of Poseidon and Hades, as well as many of the other areas. Poor Hercules remains a statue forever, so if you want his costume, make sure you costumize him before you encounter the Medusa