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Red Dragon Island Cheats

Red Dragon Island Walkthrough

  • When you get to the Red Dragon Island, go on to the right until you get to the place where you can see a tire use as a swing on the tree.
  • You will see Jack and Annie and when they left the tree.
  • Go to the tree, run to the right until you get the tire swing by jumping on it. Click on the rope to cut the tree. Then get the tire on the ground and push it to the left on your screen.
  • And go to the hills all the way to the far while pushing the tire. When you’re near to the tire with a wooden ladder, pick the red glasses once you get them jump on the top of the tire and jump on the wooden ladder.
  • Now enter to the tree house and inside you will see Jack and Annie again. Jack loses his glasses and get the red glasses on your backpack and give it to Jack. Now run over to the left and pick up the Frog Creek Pennsylvania: Home town USA book.
  • Now talk to Annie and ask her how the tree house works. Then a book will appear on Annie’s right side “A journey to the old Japan”, get it and click on it to begin your journey to ancient Japan.
  • The Tree House will zoom off. And you’ll arrive in ancient Japan. You will all appear outside. Jack and Annie are wearing kimonos. Before they leave Jack gives you a magic amulet that you can use to return to the tree house. Go to your left side of your screen to follow them. You will soon see two guards. And then they will arrest you and put you in a jail cell. Once get into jail use the magic amulet to return to the tree house. Run left again, but don’t walk to much coz you still don’t have a passport go to the door to the Bonsai Shop. Enter inside and talk to the woman and ask her kimonos and she will let you choose and on the pocket of the Kimonos there is a passport.
  • When you first arrive to the next place to the left, Jack and Annie some guards have to caught them for they don’t have passports and they will put in jail.
  • Now it is time to rescue them!
  • To rescue them follow them to the next zone in the market go up to the stairs and get the Rotten Fish and enter the castle and Annie will drop a letter and get it and read it. After you read it go outside and go to the next zone on your left and get the Bag of Mortal. When you see a guard with in front of some man and woman, arrange the suspect in order. The guard will give you a “Betting Slip”.
  • Get back to the bridge and near to the old man use the Bag of Mortal and he will ask you to the bricks in order. Then a fat samurai will drop a "Bonsai Scissors”, get it. Go down to the rocky hills near the bridge and go to the boat of a man and use the Rotten Fish. And he will ask you to catch a Kappa. It is just easy!
  • Return to the Bonsai Tree house talk to the woman again and you have to copy the picture using the Bonsai Scissors.
  • Go back to the right on the third zone and go there, then you will see the fat sumo man, talk to him and you will copy some Japanese words. Walk to your right again and offer your help to the man on the corner. And you will take a sumo fight, you have to avoid be near to your opponent.
  • When your opponents walk out, some guard will ask to you. But Basho will talk to them, and follow to his house to train you. When you’re done with this training you will be able to save our friends.
  • To save your friends go to the place where you find a Rotten Fish and enter to the castle. You have to be care full here; you have to climb to the rocks until you get the top of the castle. If you arrive at the top you have to go inside the first room inside the castle, find the key and the second room with padlock, and the same when you get to the second room find the key and the last room with padlock. In this part you have to use Basho tells you and gave you, you have to get the key get the Haiko’s letter, and go to the next room.
  • The last room Shogun is here, jack and Annie cut the rope on the cage using your stars. But The Red Dragon will drop fire and take Annie’s advice to save the city. Take the wand from Shogun and you will go to the mountain and you will see the Cloud Dragon to stop the Red Dragon. But you have to climb and take the Cloud Dragon and take a dance with the Red Dragon, Where ever the Red dragon dopr his fire you have to Drop your cloud too. After the battle has finished Shogun and Basho meet again as your promise to Basho.
  • When your journey ends use the magic amulet to get back to the tree house and the last scene is you will give a golden medallion.
  • Congratulations!!!