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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Hey guys!! I've been in Hawaii and now the Poll is CLOSED! So you can't vote. :(:(:( Anyways, Red Dragon and Mythology both got 4 votes each, and Shark Tooth Island, Big Nate island,  Counterfeit Island, and Reality Island all got 1 vote. So soon you're gonna see a poll w/those four, and if you did NOT get to vote(on a poll with all the islands and you chose your fav.), and got here late, then just email me your fav., or comment it(my email is Starlight7643@gmail.com) and i'll add it and keep doing new polls until we find a winner!! And p.s. i'm having a costume contest soon for the most unique outfit, the most stylish outfit, most funky, and most cute but totally simple. So get thinking before the contest is closed! P.P.S. You WILL get a prize!! TTYL and See ya later!! Oh, and GOOD LUCK!! :):):)

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